About us

Equipment Leasing Association of Nigeria Ltd/GTE (ELAN) is a Business Membership Organisation (BMO), established in 1983, primarily to promote the business of leasing in Nigeria. Membership of the Association consists banks, finance houses, independent leasing companies, insurance companies, equipment vendors as well as professional firms and individuals.

Over the years, ELAN has been promoting economic and developmental growth through leasing, working with government and development partners, to provide the much-needed integral support for national economic growth.

Today, ELAN is regarded as the sole authority on leasing in Nigeria and has equally earned considerable recognition from the global leasing industry, through its promotional lease activities.

ELAN’s lease awareness campaigns, research and publications as well as consultancy and advisory services particularly in the areas of policy compliance, market intelligence, lease accounting, taxation and general operations, continue to make positive impacts in the industry.

The Association remains committed to the development of the Nigerian leasing industry to the benefit of stakeholders and the economy..


To be a top-class Association for promoting leasing as the main financial option in Nigeria, through excellent service delivery and responsiveness to stakeholders.


To promote equipment leasing as the foremost financing instrument that can be utilised to create wealth and enhance economic growth.


L – Loyalty
E – Excellence
A – Accountability
S – Selflessness
E – Expertise


The objectives of the Association include:

  • To promote and protect the interest of members of the Association in the practice of their business as equipment lessors;
  • To provide opportunities for business growth through market information and networking opportunities;
  • To disseminate vital and useful information, data and statistics for growth and development of the leasing industry;
  • To enhance professionalism in the industry through educational programmes;
  • To promote a better and robust business environment by encouraging the highest standards of business practices;
  • To promote and improve relations with Government and its agencies, other associations, the media and the general public;
  • To represent members’ legislative and regulatory interests at all levels of government